Concussion Syndrome

What is Concussion Syndrome?

Accidents happen, whether at work, with a vehicle, playing contact sports or even at home. And when there are strong blows and impacts to the head, mild traumatic brain injury can happen, causing Concussion Syndrome. And with this, it is common symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, concentration and memory problems.

For most people, symptoms can occur within the first 7 days and last for about 3 months. But there are cases where pain and problems persist for more than a year.

Why treat Concussion Syndrome?

Did you know that every concussion also causes whiplash? And with that, neck dysfunction, which consequently triggers other problems. These include headaches, balance problems, dizziness and emotional problems. But physiotherapy, massage therapy and other rehabilitation services can quickly resolve the problem.

Impacts of concussions can lead to a number of other problems, such as Vestibular and Vertigo – you can read more about these here.

Benefits of Concussion Rehabilitation

1. Reduce neck pain

As mentioned concussions can affect the neck quite a lot, yet, you may not notice the impacts as much. With manual therapy, you can not only regain mobility but also avoid other disorders from secondary effects.

2. Decrease headaches and dizziness

Because of the blow, a headache and dizziness are quite common symptoms. With physiotherapy and the right treatment, you can relieve these effects and return to your usual well-being.

3. Improve balance

With whiplash, the Vertigo and Vestibular can become compromised, causing damage to other motor functions of the body. This causes a direct effect on balance, especially when lifting or moving quickly your head.

4. Improvement of vision symptoms

Another symptom that can get in the way of your daily life and that can be treated is problems with the visual system. If you feel that you have missed the contraction and need to read again a passage, know that you can get recovered with the right treatment.

5. Speed up your recovery

Did you know that exercise therapy increases your blood circulation, including to the brain, an area affected by concussion? This can help speed your recovery in the earlier stages of concussion, as well as improving other physiological functions of your body.

Did you know that your mental health can be greatly affected by the symptoms of Concussion Syndrome? And to keep your body and mind healthy, make an appointment with us!

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