Geriatric Physiotherapy

What is Geriatric Physiotherapy?

As we grow older, our bodies go through diverse types of changes. We might experience new conditions as we age, limiting our mobility, body functions and overall health. And that is why Geriatric Physiotherapy was developed: to address those and many other age-related conditions.
The most common issues treated through Geriatric Physiotherapy are osteoporosis, arthritis, joint replacement, balance and gait disorders, and incontinence. Some other severe conditions are Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and other neurological disorders.

Why doing Geriatric Physiotherapy?

It’s natural to expect to live our seniority with a good quality of life and independence. And to make sure you can live fully the most important moments in life, Geriatric Physiotherapy might be the best approach for you. With hands-on treatment, in other words, Manual Therapy, exercise and continuous education, you can improve your lifestyle.
At Motion Focus & Sports Clinics, you can count on private rooms and a therapeutic gym ready for any Geriatric Physiotherapy treatment.

Benefits of doing with a Geriatric Physiotherapy:

1. Safe exercise

Exercising is important for anyone, but can be risky for seniors and older adults, especially if you already have a condition. Physio is the best way to workout with directions and carefully, with the help of a professional physiotherapist. 

2. Build strength and stability

Avoiding slips and falls are important, especially if you are a senior. And Physiotherapy can help you to prevent them, by building the strength and stability you need.

3. Treat pain

We know that inactivity can cause a lot of tightness, spreading to the neck, back and other joints. And to get rid of pain and get your muscles strong again, Physiotherapy is essential for older adults.

4. Mental health benefits

Did you know exercises can also improve your mental health? By releasing endorphins, you can reduce anxiety and other signs of depression, regardless of your age.

5. Pre and post-surgery

Physiotherapy can help you to avoid surgeries, though sometimes it’s unavoidable. And to make sure you’re prepared to recover faster, you can do treatments before and after them.


All those benefits are vital for a senior’s life but being independent might be the greatest one. Getting out of a wheelchair, having social interactions, moving without limitations, enjoying your family, Geriatric Physiotherapy can help you to make it possible again.

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