What is Orthotics?

Made specifically for you, orthotics is a shoe or special heel to treat foot, leg, and even back problems and pain. They are used for various symptoms and treatments, such as to correct foot deformities and help the ankle and foot function better. It is also common to use a heel pad or shoe to give the heel more support and reduce the risk of injuries.

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Why Orthotics can be beneficial for you?

There are several medical conditions that orthotics can help you treat, and as a consequence, improve your health and quality of life. After all, we know that your goal is to live well and enjoy the best of life without physical limitations. Some dysfunctions may be more directly linked to the legs and feet, while others have an indirect impact. Orthotics can help with arthritis, bursitis, heel spurs, bunions, as well as hammertoes. Other examples are back pain, apartment feet, plantar fasciitis, and even diabetes.

As you can already see, there is a wide range of conditions that can be addressed with Orthotics and joint treatments. Already want to book your first free consultation? Click here.

Benefits of Orthotics

1. Provide support for your feet

A custom orthotic is built to give you anatomical support for your foot. This gives you more stability when walking and even standing, and corrects misalignments and foot abnormalities.

2. Protect your joints

It is common to receive impacts on the legs, knees, and spine when we run, jump, exercise, or even walk. Orthotics can help you to better support and receive impacts on the joints, thus avoiding pain and problems.

3. Reduce pain

Some medical conditions can bring pain and discomfort to various parts of the body, especially the legs. Apartment feet, arthritis, plantar fasciitis are all examples, and with orthotics, you can relieve the pain and speed up your healing.

4. Improve your performance

Did you know that wearing orthotics designed specifically for you can help your exercise performance? That’s right, by using them you can not only avoid injury and fatigue but also improve your technique.

5. Prevent injuries

We have already mentioned that orthotics can help you with some medical conditions, and know that using them can help prevent them as well. If you spend much of your day on your feet or moving around intensively, orthotics can be a good way to prevent injuries.In general, improving the balance and alignment of your feet can have a big impact on your health. And with us, you can combine orthotics with other rehabilitation services – book your appointment today!

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