Pediatric Physiotherapy

What is Pediatric Physiotherapy?

A child’s only job is to grow up well and healthy, and for that, Pediatric Physiotherapy can help a lot. To work progressively with some conditions and optimize physical development, this type of treatment might involve soft tissue massage, mobilization, stretching, specific therapeutic exercises and posture education.
And because children are not adults, this type of treatment has a lighter approach and is inserted into the child’s universe. That is, with play, fun and instruction to achieve the expected goals, among them the well-being and healthy growth.

Why Pediatric Physiotherapy is important?

Despite having some conditions, children rarely realize function or movement limitations, adapting as best as they can to play to the fullest. Still, the idea is that the child develops physically well, leaving behind some of these eventual conditions and becoming a functional, independent and healthy adult. That’s why it’s important to have a physiotherapy approach from an early age, to maximize their potential and promote their activities at school, neighbourhood, community and even at home.
Here at Motion Focus & Sports Clinic, we treat children up to 18 years old with Pediatric Physiotherapy.

Benefits of doing with a Pediatric Physiotherapy:

1. Prevent injuries

We know that children can be clumsy and end up hurting themselves, sometimes more than usual. With physiotherapy, your child can gain more balance and avoid small accidents.

2. Increase motor skills

There may be difficulties in motor performance when playing or doing some physical activity, which may affect the child’s self-esteem. Physiotherapists specialized in pediatrics can work on this type of motor activity and recover this gap.

3. Get rid of pain

Have you noticed that your child complains of pain when making certain movements? This could be a sign of an injury, and with massage and exercise, the pain can be a thing of the past.

4. Good posture

It is not uncommon to see posture addictions, some already in childhood. And to prevent this from passing into adulthood, physiotherapy can help with the alignment of the spine and body as a whole.

5. Improve reflexes

Did you know that some automatic responses, even for babies, can be improved by checking with a physiotherapist? In some cases, the right treatment can even ease the effects of labyrinthitis.


There are several other benefits of starting a pediatric physiotherapy treatment with a child, making they can grow well and healthy.

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