What is Pilates?

Created by Joseph Pilates and first called “Contrology”, Pilates is a low-impact and full-body exercise. The technique seeks to control the body’s muscles, strengthening the musculature and improving its tone, as well as giving greater flexibility. It’s also known for improving body contouring, building more strength, adjusting posture and improving the muscles in the centre of the body, the core.
Today, some doctors consider it a form of therapy, as it is an individualized exercise. Because of it, can be complementary to Physiotherapy and other Rehabilitation Services.

Why doing Pilates?

Pilates is a modality capable of offering many benefits to the practitioner, promoting greater body awareness and increasing flexibility. It is a practice of re-education of movement, bringing muscular and mental balance. By working even the deepest muscles, especially the core, can increase the body’s support and protect the spine from injuries.
Today there are two types of pilates, floor pilates and pilates with equipment. Both follow the same principles and repertoire, and at Motion Focus & Sports Clinics you can have both.

Benefits of doing Pilates:

1. Increase flexibility

Pilates aims to safely increase your muscles’ length and stretch, as well as for the range of motion within your joints. And you can witness results in only 8 weeks, as described by the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.

2. Ease aches and pain

Because it adds support to the core, it can help you to relieve chronic back pain, especially on the lower back. A regular routine of exercises can even help to prevent future injuries.

3. Get stronger

By using your own body weight, it helps to build toned muscles and functional fitness to your individual circumstances. By combining stretching with strength, it will give you not only a rock-solid core but a whole healthy body.

4. Improve posture and core strength

Because it works with the whole body, it reflects positively on your posture and alignment, especially by strengthening your body core. That is, it strengthens the back, abdomen, and pelvic floor, and many practitioners do it to avoid back pain.

5. Increase energy and promote weight loss

Did you know that Pilates increases circulation and breathing as well as stimulating the spine and muscles? It makes your body not only healthier, with more energy, but with stronger muscles to perform aerobic activities.Pilates is also adaptable to many fitness levels, needs and ages, besides increasing your body and mind connection.

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