Post Motor vehicle accident rehab

What is a Post Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)?

Accidents happen, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. This includes accidents with all kinds of motor vehicles, especially cars. And no matter how simple they may have been, they impact our bodies, causing long-term damage.
Some effects and pains may appear a few days after the accident, such as whiplash. Neck pain and stiffness, headaches, lower back pain, concussions, restricted movement and many others are examples of symptoms arising from Post Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA).

Why checking with a physiotherapist after a Post Motor Vehicle Accident is important?

As mentioned, some pain and impact of an accident can be invisible in the first moment. And to get your body back to its normal and functional state, with strength, mobility and flexibility, visiting a physiotherapist is the most indicated.
With physiotherapy, you can minimize all kinds of pain acquired from the accident, and even avoid surgery. In Alberta, insurance companies may cover treatments, and you can start your treatment even before you see a doctor.

Benefits of doing Post Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation:

1. Avoid surgery

By strengthening your body structure that is vulnerable at the moment, you can not only reduce pain but also avoid surgery. That is, by strengthening your ligaments, tendons and muscles.

2. Speed up the recovery process

Without proper treatment, your body is likely to be left with limitations, stiffness and various pains. By treating these effects and improving your strength and flexibility, your body will recover properly and naturally.

3. Prevent long-term injuries

The impacts of an accident are not always clear and evident. Visiting a physio can prevent unapparent pain from limiting you or turning into chronic pain.

4. Reduce pain

Besides working directly on your recovery, physio activities increase blood oxygenation and nutrients at the injury site. This aids in recovery and pain reduction.

5. Restore function and cure Vertigo

It is common for some dysfunctions to occur in our bodies, including vertigo and vestibular system after accidents. And with the necessary treatment and approach, this can be solved.

Physiotherapy can help with various types of trauma and injuries after a vehicular accident (MVA). And if you’ve had one for a while, that’s okay; it can be treated effectively.

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