Spine and Back Pain

What is Spine and Back Pain?

Back pain is perhaps one of the most well-known and sought-after symptoms within the medical and physiotherapy fields. After all, who has never felt or heard someone complaining of back pain? And it’s not just you, experts estimate that 80% of people should experience back pain at some stage in their lives. And it can be more complex, as the spine is where the popular back pain is.

Did you know that the spine is made up of 3 regions: the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine? We usually call them the neck, midback and low back, and it may be that your pains are interconnected.

Why is it important to treat Spine and Back Pain?

Spinal and back pain can be related to different causes and can be mild, intense, rapid or constant. It may be that today pain in the neck, lower back, sciatic nerve, and upper/middle back are manageable and even bearable. But experiencing them for long periods can be a warning, even more so in the context we currently live in of intense home office and sitting hours.

Taking care of spinal pain can be crucial for your mobility, independence, as well as to avoid more serious conditions in the future. At Motion Focus & Sports Clinics, we are specialized in Spine and Back Care.

Benefits that physiotherapy can have for Back and Spinal Pain

1. Reduce pain

With the right approach, physiotherapists will look at your body and understand how they can reduce discomfort through exercises, manual therapy and other stimulation.

2. Restore mobility

Treating the root of your discomfort will help you gain strength in your back muscles and regain your range of motion at the same time, healthily and naturally.

3. Reduce the need for surgery

We often think that the main solution to spinal pain is to have surgery, but this can be circumvented with physiotherapy and other rehabilitation services.

4. Prevent other injuries

Depending on your routine, some repetitive movements can overload your body. Meanwhile, not treating existing pain can result in more serious symptoms, and a physiotherapist may be the best solution to deal with these challenges.

5. Reduce the risk of falls

By improving your posture and addressing back and spinal injuries, you improve your balance, coordination and muscle strength, preventing dangerous falls.Despite being quite popular, pain in the back, neck, sciatica and other parts of the spine can greatly affect our lives. If you feel the need to address this, contact us and book your consultation!

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