What is Sports Therapy?

Like Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy is a rehabilitation service focused on injury prevention, recovery and musculoskeletal disorders. Yes, it’s also about maintaining and maximizing your movement, improve your performance, and get rid of pain, but with a sports-focused approach.
With exercises, Sports Therapy will prepare you physically and psychologically, building the strength necessary to prevent injuries or go back to your favourite sport.

Why doing Sport Therapist?

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to take care of your body, we know you also have goals to reach.

By following-up with a physiotherapist focused on Sports Therapy, you can work on specific aspects of your performance, minimizing injury risks while increasing your fitness. Or you might want to be functional again, getting back to your hobby, a sport. Then this treatment will focus on how you can get back to the game, get stronger and recovered.

Benefits of doing Sports Therapy:

1. Enhance Physical Strength

During the activity, an athlete can feel blows in the body, may it be muscles, joints, bones and ligaments. By increasing your strength, you might be able to sustain those impacts and keep a high sports performance.

2. Help Your Body to Relax

After training, it can be hard to relax and regain energy for the next workout. With Sports Therapy, by stretching and working on your healing, your body can take a break and rest.

3. Improve Joint and Muscle Flexibility

Having a flexible body is important, and can the key if you want to reach new levels. Sports Therapists will help you to achieve the degree of flexibility you need, elevating your sports performance.

4. Prevent Injuries

With a strong body, sports-related injuries are less susceptible to happen, like a muscle strain or torn ligaments. With a series of exercises designed for you, a physiotherapist will work on your strength and reduce the risks of sports injuries.

5. Treat Injuries

Accidents can happen in any circumstances, including while doing sports. And one of the main objectives of Sports Therapy is to recover from sports injuries, accelerating the healing process and prevent further complications.

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