Vestibular and vertigo rehabilitation

What is Vestibular and Vertigo Rehabilitation?

Vestibular Rehabilitation (VR) is a treatment designed to relieve problems arising from vestibular disorders. These disorders can be the reduction of vertigo and dizziness, gaze instability, visual disturbance, imbalance and falls. Vestibular and Vertigo Rehabilitation can help even side effects such as nausea, headaches, vomiting, fatigue and the ability to concentrate and focus.

Did you know that these problems can contribute to emotional problems like anxiety? Here at Motion Focus & Sports Clinic, we can help you with your treatment so you can enjoy the best of life.

Why doing Vestibular and Vertigo Rehabilitation?

Did you know that vestibular disorders can diminish your quality of life and impact your daily life? It is not uncommon that, because of the symptoms, people end up avoiding exercise and adopting a more sedentary lifestyle. To reduce and even eliminate these problems, seeking the advice of a specialist or physiotherapist and undergoing a Vestibular Rehabilitation treatment is a must.

If you suffer from vestibular neuritis or labyrinthitis, as well as multiple sclerosis and fluctuating condition, VR can be a game-changer for you.

Benefits of Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

1. Improve balance

One of the most common symptoms of Vertigo and Vestibular disorders is lack of balance. And with the right treatment, you can mitigate this and avoid other problems, such as falls.

2. Decrease dizziness

Because of eventual dizziness, our body can feel side effects that end with our well-being. Besides nausea, headaches and migraines, you can reduce various other uncomfortable symptoms.

3. Improve stability

Do you get dizzy when you move around or do various activities, especially when you make quick head movements? Then Vestibular Rehabilitation can help you strengthen your balance and stability, providing you with the necessary compensation.

4. Reduce over-dependency on visual and other inputs

With Balance Training exercises you can go beyond gauze stabilization. You can reduce environmental barriers and fall risks by performing tasks while balancing, coordinating movements and performing dynamic movements.

5. Lower anxiety

By improving your neuromuscular coordination and improving your stability, you also mitigate the effects that the symptoms cause in your daily life. This means you regain stability and independence to carry out activities and enjoy the most important things without fear.You can treat disorders arising from Vestibular and Vertigo as soon as possible. Physiotherapy and the right treatment can help you get the best out of your loved ones and your routine – book a free consultation with us.

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