Work-related injuries and WCB

What are Work-related Injuries?

Accidents at work happen every day and can be very stressful for many reasons. As well as being away from work, injuries can continue for long periods, reducing function and limiting movement. Not to mention the emotional impact, fears and lack of confidence to return to some activities.

Physiotherapy treatments for work-related injuries help to reduce these traumas. At Motion Focus & Sports Clinic, we work with the Work’s Compensation Board (WCB).

Why checking with a physiotherapist for a Work-related Injury?

Some work-related pains and injuries may be more obvious than others, which worsen over time. Visiting a physiotherapist can help you identify the best treatment to relieve pain, restore function, improve your overall fitness and return to work with full strength and confidence.

Besides physiotherapy, you can complement your treatment with other rehabilitation services. Chiro, Massage Therapy and other treatments can enhance your recovery.

Benefits of doing Work-related Injury Rehabilitation:

1. Relieving pain and stiffness

It is common to experience discomfort and pain in the back, neck, and shoulder after an accident at work. But other pains like tendonitis, muscle strain, and repetitive strain can be alleviated with the right physiotherapy treatment.

2. Improve strength and flexibility

Some repetitive movements, common in the workplace, can take a heavy toll on our muscles and bodies. And you can recover and avoid injuries by building strength and improving your flexibility and mobility.

3. Improve function habilities

After an accident at work or even at home, some functions may become limited. That is, some movements that we can no longer perform, a physio can help in the recovery of these motor functions and ability.

4. Ergonomic advice

Our workplaces are not always prepared for long working hours, especially if you are in a home office. Besides your recovery, a physiotherapist can provide ergonomic advice that you can take or even request in your workplace.

5. Return to work

Return to work is perhaps one of the most important goals when having physiotherapy treatment after a work-related accident. And with your physiotherapist, you can start planning a safe and fully recovered return to work.

Did you know that you can apply to the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) to cover visits to a physiotherapist? Here at Motion Focus & Sports Clinics you can work on your recovery and have very low (or no) costs.

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