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Physiotherapy is the core rehabilitation service we provide with an active and research-based approach to boost your sports performance.

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Sports Therapy

Do you still want to spend your spare time golfing, jogging, hiking, or spending time with your family? Then we have the best treatment for you.

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Are you looking for ways to alleviate back pain and elevate your functionality? Then you might want to check with a Chiropractor!

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Geriatric Physiotherapy

We can address specific issues with our Senior Treatment. You can revive your independence by amplifying your movement and strength.

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Pedriatric Physiotherapy

Children are the best patients that we have. To make them excel, we tailor games that allow them to work and achieve their goals while playing.

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Motor Vehicle Accident

We can help you to recover fully and become functional again, relieving you of the neck or hip pain that has been plaguing you.

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Massage Therapy

Do you want to improve movements, perform better, and even recover from an incident? Then Massage can complement your treatment.

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Gaining strength and flexibility will improve your quality of life, which is why clinical and group Pilates are our recent additions to the clinic.

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Pelvic Floor Pysiotherapy

Promote your well-being by strengthening and rehabilitating pelvic floor muscles with hands-on treatments from our physiotherapists.

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Work Related Injuries

Have you had a work accident and, as a result, need to treat an injury? Then you can count on our team to get back to work and fully recover.

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TMJ and Jaw Pain

We are one of Calgary's few physiotherapy clinics that specialize in TMJ and Jaw Pain treatment. Come and visit our clinic for this therapy.

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Vestibular & Vertigo Rehabilitation

With our special treatment, enhance your balance and alleviate symptoms like dizziness and spinning

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Concussion Syndrome

Have you had a concussion, and are you feeling the effects on your body? Our physiotherapists can assist you by ensuring that your joints are recovered.

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Spine & Back Pain

With one of our rehabilitation therapies, you can treat even the most excruciating pain in your lower, middle, and upper back, including your neck.

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If you need a device specially designed for you to avoid pain in your joints and muscles, then you can count on us for an Orthotics consultation.

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Occupational Therapy

Our physiotherapists provide Occupational Therapy to assist you in taking care of yourself, being productive, and enjoying family.

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In-home Physiotherapy

If you want or need to do physiotherapy but have trouble visiting a clinic, you can count on our In-Home Physiotherapy treatment.

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With Telerehabilitation you can make an appointment possible for your rehabilitation by using your computer, tablet, or mobile.

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You can improve your health in many ways! One of them is with dietitians and nutrition services. Our Nutrition Team can help you in this regard.

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